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How to do nothin'
by Lou Finley

The Author

Lou Finley has helped many hundreds of early elementary school children learn how to read better. 

She was named one of "Ten Who Made A Difference" by the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper for the after-school reading program she conceived, coordinates and teaches as a volunteer. 

"How To Do Nothin'" was inspired by her phone calls to young grandsons in California. 

Mrs. Finley was an advertising copywriter at an award-winning agency in Los Angeles for fifteen years.

A special note from Lou Finley:  A British government's educational technology agency, Becta, did a survey that found 82% of parents wished they had more information about their children's school life. Only 16% of children volunteered that information. Two in five parents found it hard to "extract information" about school from their children.

Learning how to explain what they did during the day and how to express what kids felt about the experiences is very important. Building communication between children and adults at an early age can help tremendously when the teen years arrive bringing a lot of serious new issues.

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The Book

Ask a boy what he did during the day or what he's doing right now. 
Chances are he'll reply, "nothin'." 

Robbie is a typical kid who has a lot of fun and exciting adventures but when his grandma asks what he's been doing, he says, "nothin'."  Grandma is frustrated and tries  to get a conversation started.

Whether or not a child you know needs help with telling about his or her day, the book "How To Do Nothin'" will be  enjoyable for both of you.

And, if you could use a handy guide to encourage children to share their daily stories, four questions at the end of the book may be helpful.

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